smangela is…

…an e-mail, social and non-profit marketing maven.

By day, I work on enhancing inbound & retention marketing strategies for a national team building and generally super fun organization located near Boston + tweet for The only “meat” I eat is fish. I ❤ art. I ❤ food. And I ❤ local.

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So, what makes smangela such a marketing maven you may ask? Why is she SO special?

Let’s be honest, there’s a LOT of untapped talent in Boston. I learn something new every day. But ask yourself this: Are you trying to figure out how to promote your first fundraising event ever…or second…or tenth?  Would you like to find a way to involve local and national businesses in your mission?  Are there ways to optimize your referral campaigns? And wouldn’t it be awesome if you could run a simple social media fundraiser in under a few hours? Well, look no further! I have outlined some of my most successful projects below, from non-profit to for profit, large to small. For each project, I have highlighted the following items. Drum roll please….

The Goal: The outcome my specific role was intended to achieve.

The Timeline: Projected timeline for project development through completion.

The Plan: An outline of tasks that I personally completed. When noted, this may include developing an outline and supporting tasks completed by members of the organization itself.

The Result: The outcome of my direct efforts on behalf of the organization. Residual benefits may be noted, but were not recorded in the financial or performance outcome of each project.

The Hours: The number of hours that were required to complete the project.

Pssst. The opinions on this blog, my Twitter account, my Facebook profile and basically anywhere that I have created a personal profile are my own. Just in case you were wondering.


Smangela is an e-mail marketing expert.

The Goal: Promote “Celebrating Success: 1st Annual Compass Breakfast Benefit”.

The Timeline: 1.5 Months (April – May)

The Plan: Develop e-blast and post card campaigns.

  • Complete ESP (email marketing solution) research based on performance factors and pricing.
  • Implement chosen email marketing solution (VerticalResponse).
  • Develop e-blast design and code: three initial mock-ups with two rounds of edits on final.
  • Create template within ESP for simple WYSIWYG editing by organization.
  • Solicit designer for post card development, including sponsor placement.
  • Create customized EventBrite page, including sponsorship placement.
  • Send YNPN (Young Non-Profit Professionals Network) supplemental e-blast.
  • Monitor campaign performance for 48hrs after send and troubleshoot issues.
  • Provide feedback on setup and materials for event.

The Results: Raised over $8,000 surpassing expectations! (No financial goals were set.)

  • The event was sold out to capacity, including honorary attendees and speakers.
  • Almost all attendees RSVPed via the e-blast; several responded to the postcard mailing.
  • Template has been used by organization for subsequential events. (See example above.)

The Hours: 20 Hours


Smangela is a silent auction pro.

The Goal: Raise $2,000 for kitten season.

The Timeline: 4 months (February – May)

The Plan:  Host a silent auction online with a closing event, including off-line bidding.

  • Solicit donations via cold calling / emails, tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Run online auction from April through May. (Included $60 fee for additional items.)
  • Plan and host charity night at Boston Improv Asylum.
    • $20 tickets / $10 toward fundraiser with use of special promotion code.
    • Promote auction and closing event through e-mail and social media.
    • Setup bidding tables, displays and sheets for live bidding before show and during intermission.

The Results: Raised $2,112! (Post-fee deductions.)

  • Covered the cost of veterinary care for over ten cats and kittens throughout fiscal year.
  • Obtained over 25 items for auction: collecting, transporting and distributing inventory.
  • Involved local businesses and national organizations in non-profit mission.
  • Generated TONS of excitement and buzz.

The Hours: 20 Hours


Smangela is a referral marketing genius.

The Goal: Capitalize on referral marketing opportunities observed through user behavior.

The Timeline: 1 Month (May)

The Plan: Optimize e-mail marketing strategy.

  • Work with developer to setup authentication, including SPF (Sender Policy Framework), SenderID (SPF2) and DomainKeys (DK).
  • Monitor and maintain domain reputation.
  • Get IP whitelisted with major ISPs.
  • TEST, TEST, TEST e-mail redesign and development.
    • 1st Test: Three initial mock-ups. Final selection tested against control.
    • 2nd Test: New design concept (simulating post card) tested against new control.
    • 3rd Test: Personalization of content.
    • 4th Test: Subject line A/B testing, including personalization.

The Results: Increased conversion rate (number of new customers) driven through the referral e-mail campaigns by 76%!

  • Developed design template with highest click through performance.
  • Provided vendor with template code, best practices and e-mail development guide based on expertise and testing results.

The Hours: 50 Hours

Brand and designs for testing are intellectual property of vendor. References are available upon request.


Smangela is a social media guru.

The Goal: Raise $500 before end of year from last minute donors.

The Timeline: 24 Hours (+ additional weeks before the event for promotion)

The Plan: Participate in social media “pawty hosted by independent vendor.

  • Participate in live Tweet chat on behalf of organization with over 60 participants on Christmas Eve (aka Catmas Eve).
  • Adopt and employ anipal language, immersing organization’s Twitter handle in niche community and engaging users with organization’s mission in a fun, casual environment.
  • Support donation structure requested by host, creating a FirstGiving page and fielding inquiries regarding direct donations.

The Results: Raised over $745 on Catmas Eve + untallied donations through other channels!

  • Covered the cost of veterinary care for approximately four cats throughout fiscal year.
  • Sent logoed t-shirt to host as a thank you, which generated additional buzz through host’s blog post highlighting the t-shirt.
  • This is now recurring fundraising event held for the last three years.

The Hours: 4 Hours

Want to get together and brainstorm about something? Just shoot me an email! Stay tuned more more adventures from Smangela…


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