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how can social media empower artists and designers?

How can you move ahead of the crowd? The videos say it all… Seriously, listen to what Raul has to say (video #2 & #3). You could be just one tweet away.

Genius and the Age of Enlightenment: Part #1

Genius and the Age of Enlightenment: Part #2

Genius and the Age of Enlightenment: Part #3


  • Hope Frank, CMO, Webtrends
  • Even Grenne, CMO, Grammy Awards
  • Raul Penaranda, Fashion Designer
  • Jeanniey Mullen, CMO, Zino (wearing Raul Penaranda!)
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Concerns about Social Media for Social Change

As a marketer with a distinct interest in progressive movements, I commend ( and sometimes envy) the work of Social Media for Social Change. However, as a budding non-profit professional, I’m still skeptical about the power of the peer-to-peer trust networks developing throughout the internet. When considering the real-time ( and potential knee jerk) interactions these networks often cultivate, this skeptisim feels ominous.

There’s a lot of positive energy around social media, as there should be. It’s an engaging concept that empowers every person and organization to grow through relationship building and authentic content generation. But, the only skepticism I’ve heard sounds something like “does it really work?” (concerns about word of mouth ROI) and “what are the risks for me?” (concerns about personal and brand reputation) rather than general concern for the greater good.

While recently attending Boston’s Social Media Breakfast (#SMB11) in Cambridge, I was transfixed on this notion of trust that supports the concept of social media for social change. One attendee had broached the subject of fraud with presenters, but I wasn’t satisfied with the consecutive discussion. Nobody seemed interested in exploring this issue. Perhaps because we’re affraid to encourage “bad” behavior. Or, maybe nobody wants to kill the buzz. We are all social media evangelists, after all.

But what if social media and transparency are actually sometimes juxtaposed, not by definition, but by implementation and purpose? One of the biggest concerns I have within the non-profit world is informing a donor, not about a cause, but about the use of funds.

Several #SMB11 attendees were soliciting support (financial and WOM) for non-profits they believed in, but I knew nothing about the actual causes and administrations. This may lead hesitation when I barely know a person, but not if I trust that person. Not if I follow that person on Twitter or friend that person on Facebook. Recently, we’ve seen some serious twitter hacking to top things off.

Some examples are not as prone to the twitter-like fraud as others, but this all seems worth a little more discussion and concern.

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