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what NOT to say when you miss work

This is a bit outside of my usual topics, but seriously people. You are too much as a party? Sometimes it’s bes to day nothing, nothing at all. 15 of the weirdest excuses used when calling in sick.

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“You can’t save the world.”

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t save the world? Sometimes this phrase is offered with the intention of comfort. A parent may be trying to prevent disappointment for a child. A colleague may attempt to reshape your expectations following a tumultuous event. Or, a friend may be comforting oneself when failing to truly foster the ideals you share.

However, these words rarely deliver comfort (for me, at least) or ease stress when it’s nearly impossible to remain idle without a suggestion, an idea, a new perspective when sensing a problem. The statement merely invokes a sense of muffled helplessness. A feeling that my actions are not appreciated or worthwhile. Why is that?

I do not believe that everyone should constantly strive for such a lofty goal. After all, the fruits of your labor may never truly manifest during your own lifetime. But most goals do relate to changing something and change is a difficult thing to inspire or manage.

So, I’m not surprised that I often sense a tone of discouragement within the phrase “you can’t save the world.” And sadly, this seems like such a common response from parents, colleagues and friends.

The world is changing and not on it’s own, but because of people. How people are interacting. What people are creating. How everyone is coping. Why discourage any individual from choosing to influence that change, especially in a positive way? Think about it. Is there anything positive or useful about telling someone that they “can’t save the world” in any context?

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