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The week that was.

Here’s a recap of sweet and not-so-sweet e-mail campaigns I received last week.

[Sweet E-mails]

Although no e-mail campaign is truly perfect (even if it was perfect, all the rules will change in about….a minute), these are STAND OUT message (for one reason or another). As always, I welcome comments and suggestions regarding stellar campaigns worth checking out.

robyns world newsletter on 9/19

RobynsOnlineWorld.com Newsletter on September 19, 2011

+ aside from logo alt tag, completely optimized for images off

+ easy to read and know where to click with use of font size and bolding

+ absolutely no need for pre-header

– social media tags morph together

– as a system generated template w/whitelisting super power, may be impossible to replicate

studentmags newsletter on 9/20

StudentMags e-Commerce Newsletter on September 20,2011

+ layout is very easy to read

+ design and use of color draws eyes to the prize – what I can, what my offer is and how to get it

– top nav is morphed together

– yellow background = spammy, buy hey who cares if you have a good enough reputation I guess

petco e-mail on 9/21

Petco Campaign on September 21, 2011

+ aside from social media links, all copy is very clear and crisp

+ pre-headers has clear, strong offer statement with personalization

+ great use of alt tags with offer statement – not cluttered by other copy, short and sweet

– social media CTAs and overlapping with images off

– low text to image ratio

payscale newsletter on 9/22

PayScale Newsletter on September 22, 2011

+ a lot of personalization in left sidebar

+ whitelist CTA can be very powerful, especially for brands / companies with a lot of room for growth

+ high text to image ratio and intriguing CTAs

– a lot of blue font and background colors can make e-mail look spammy


[E-mail Fail]

More often than not, I see e-mail campaigns that fail to deliver value and/or a message of any kind. What a missed opportunity! Here’s YOUR opportunity (and mine) to learn from the past. If you disagree (or wholeheartedly share my opinion), I’d love to hear your feedback.

P.S. I block sender names and domains with boxes to protect “the innocent”. This is not a commentary on brands or companies. I often receive stellar campaigns and epic failures from the same source.

e-mail campaign fail 9.20

Subject: Net… / Date: September 20, 2011

– almost the entire section above fold is very hard to read with images off

– random alt tags (“separator”) – just leave them empty if there’s no use or way to optimize

– could use a pre-header, especially with this design

+ layout that starts just above the fold is strong and includes targeting

e-mail campaign fail 9/21

Subject: Pre-order our Exclusive… / Date: September 21, 2011

– almost the entire section above fold is very hard to read with images off

– very low text to image ratio – many e-mails from this brand have gone to spam

– could use a pre-header with offer statement

+ looks like there’s a mobile version, so maybe that’s good….

e-mail campaign fail 9/22 v2

Subject: … Special / Date: September 22, 2011

– without images on, can’t see a thing – a lot of these e-mails are blocked as spam

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