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My favorite part of #Pivotcon: Digiquette

Session: Millennials, Decoded: Inside the Digital Mind of the Connected Generation
Speaker: Britta Schell, Director, Digital Strategic Insights, MTV
Role: Responsible for understanding Millennial digital behavior and insights.

Description: “Millennials are the arrow tip of Social Consumers. They pierced the armor of traditional marketing and trampled long-held conventions about how audiences are supposed to behave. But, up close and personal, what do the online lives of millennials look like? Are they really as wild and uninhibited as they seem? MTV reveals its massive study of the rising adult generation.”

Synopsis: Britta delivered!

Why millennials? If this generation isn’t part of your current market, they will be (and should be) or they’re definitely influencing your customers today! Plus, millennials are experiencing the greatest convergence of digital and real life. They ARE the early adopters, provoking unique triggers for anxiety, feelings of overexposure as well as perceptions of efficiency and empowerment. Understanding what consumers feel will help any company (big or small) understand what they need and the best ways to meet that need.

The average millennial:
…grew up fully exposed.
…understands “celebrity culture” and the need for savvy personal branding.
…was raised with constant feedback loops from (helicopter) parents, coaches, teachers, etc…
…is always aware of how people are responding to them and gains confidence from feedback they expect.
…is setting the cultural norms.

Who Are the Millennials?
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

MTV is attempting to understand the implications of this convergence through classic intimacy variance:

  • Label = Curate Me | representation = ME
  • Label = Publicly Intimate | representation =  Intimates
  • Labe  = Like-a-Holic | representation = Friends
  • Label = Digiquette | representation = World

Brands can effectively use millennial Digiquette (“the rules”) as a roadmap to virtual engagement :

Rule #1 Learn the Rules

Sounds like fight club, right? The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. Well, this one IS a little different. First rule about managing your online life is the learn-the-rules. Millennials are exploring multiple platforms and observing. Many understand and embrace the idea that one platform may be good for only one thing. Not unlike real life, knowing what is appropriate is the first rule to engaging within digital platforms and community.

  • 93% posted veiled language online that few connections in their public space would understand (example: LYRICS)
  • 78% know someone who has been in trouble with a parent, school, etc… for something they posted on social media

Rule #2 Pace Yourself

Britta summed up this rule as “James Dean nonchalantness 24hrs a day,” like the three-day rule of dating. By the way, I love James Dean. Got my attention. Millennials clearly exhibit some sensitivity around the perception that their digital lives are completely converged with real life by delaying the gratification of response (or feedback) and demonstrating that a separation of “real” and “virtual” does still exist…for now.

  • 48% believe that if you respond too quickly it will seem like you have nothing better to do
  • 25% feel alone if they do not receive a response/feedback to public postings

Rule #3 Avoid Controversy

Millennials are cultivating proxy opinions – by association – which they believe is adding value and helping them gaining social currency. But it’s also important to pace these posts just like delaying the gratification of response to avoid flooding social media feeds and exile to “social Siberia” as friends and connections start tuning you out. On a side note: A diner down the street from the conference was referring to a specific section of tables as “Siberia” the next morning. Conspiracy?

  • 54% post a video or article they agree with instead of a personal opinion

Rule #4 Guard Your Future

Even the “party guy” thinks you “might as well be remembered in good (meaning positive) terms”. Millennials are using tools like Picnik to edit photos, filtering content about themselves to show an authentic but BEST side of themselves, a side that is associated with the lifestyle template that they have chosen.

  • 30% have modified photos before posting
  • 75% try not to make mistakes in digital space because they understand the permanence
  • 90% are using Facebook as a conduit to personal branding

Bonus: My favorite quote from the millennials in this study was “even if it’s an e-mail it’s like someone is trying to communicate with you”. BAM! E-mail is NOT dead.

For more reading check out Litmus: Digital Millennials and Virtue Live Blog.

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Embed the MailChimp Form on Your Facebook Page

I signed up for MailChimps e-mail service on behalf of Black Cat Rescue, which is free for lists of 100 contacts or less. Black Cat Rescue is a small organization (and currently filing for non-profit status) so I knew the mailing list would initially remain under MailChimps threshold and the organization can’t take advantage of free service from VerticalResponse yet.

Once the setup was complete, I took advantage of MailChimps simple one-click option to generate code of embedding a sign up form on your website. Much to my surprise, the code functions within Facebook’s FBML!

We were able to create a tab on the Black Cat Rescue page on Facebook that hosts the MailChimp form!

This was SO easy to create (and surprising since FBML can be so finicky); however, only the e-mail option will display for sign-ups.

  1. Sign-up for MailChimps e-mail service
  2. Build a form
  3. Customize your design (font colors, etc…)
  4. Click on “create embedded code for small form” at the top of the page
  5. Add FBML to your page on Facebook (considered an application)
  6. Drop the code for your form into the FBML field
  7. Add to tab in the FBML application settings
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